God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world

Published March 6, 2012 by travellingtrace


Or as we like to call it “Party Rockin’ Mission Impossible Style 3 day Epic drinking session”

So myself and Jewsconsin have known each other for roughly a month. Sounds like a fairly random idea to go away with her for a vacay, no? You see ordinarily I would’ve thought so. But given that we were both desperately in need of some liquor and seemed to have a similar train of thought when it came to most subjects (except for Paul Walker vs Channing Tatum) hopping on FlyDubai for 90 minutes with this crazy booty shaking Shakira lovin’ American gal seemed like a perfect excuse for a relaxing weekend by the pool with cocktails.

DISCLAIMER: There was no relaxing involved.

Arriving in Dubai a mere 7 hours before we could check in, we needed to occupy ourselves. So we did what the Kuwaiti’s have taught us to do, we headed for the Mall! I spotted a bookstore. We do not have such luxuries in Kuwait! I perused the store for probably an hour and me being me (blonde) decided without hesitation the only book I wanted to buy was a conspiracy theory book about 9/11… Yeah it’s all well and good me having an obsession with the topic, but being in an Islamic country and buying the book- clever I sometimes am not!

We also stopped by the Dubai Aquarium. You know, to see the penguins of course! I love penguins, you see. Spent quite a lot of time in the aquarium. Jewsconsin was getting a little peeved. She needed a nap. So back to the Hotel to check in we went and naps were had. Because that night was the Carling Cup Final and Liverpool were playing. And I was drinking beer 😉


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