Not all those who wander are lost

Published March 2, 2012 by travellingtrace

Yeah JRR Tolkien definitely never came to Kuwait.

Granted I’m not quite as lost now as I was, say two weeks ago. See my motley crew?

We make up an expat meetup group of I’d guess at least 10 different nationalities. Expats are a funny ol’ bunch in this country. You’re kind of bundled together in this random pack with people you would never normally look at let alone befriend. But here we all are in circumstances which cause us to become close companions, each others life rafts, in this drowning world of unfamiliarity.

It’s easy to talk to these folks. We have a common bond. Confusion, mostly!

Three questions every expat must be asked when first approached:

‘Where are you from?’ ‘How long have you been here?’ ‘What do you do in Kuwait?’

Or, if you’re me- ‘Are you American?’ ‘Are you a teacher?’ ‘Are you married?’ … I like confusing people with my answers. ‘No, Irish.’ ‘No, I’m an operations manager.’ ‘HELL, no.’

We also bond over the lack of alcohol. The absence of pork. The taxi’s (oh how we love to tell taxi stories). The driving in general. The way Arab men think it’s totally cool to come over and shout ‘Hey baby, I love your Obama, can I have your number?’ (My guy friends would probably wish for me to point out that they don’t get these same cat calls. Although I think at times they’re a little jealous!)

So these bondings led to a friendship. She’s a crazy Jew. From Wisconsin. From here on she will be referred to as Jewsconsin as to preserve her modesty. We’re taking a trip together. Oh hell yeahhhhhh!


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